The community of Walnut Creek dates back well over a hundred years. Its culture has had a long time to develop within many different facets of taste, personality, and the thing that brings us here today:  Architecture. Or more specifically, concrete and stone masonry. One might be inclined to say that architecture is the cornerstone of any town’s first impression. That means contractors need to do excellent work whenever they’re called upon, and Walnut Creek Concrete Pros certainly understands the importance.

This is magnified even further by the fact that Walnut Creek also serves as a kind of hub between Sacramento, San Jose, and San Francisco/Oakland. It not only supports its own unique culture but those of bigger cities as well. Our team of experts casts a wide net that gives it accurate information on trending styles without ever ignoring the individual wishes of its clients. It’s all a part of the dependable, quality service we provide.

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Concrete Contractors in Walnut Creek, CA

Very often, concrete is the first material people turn to when it comes time for hardscape construction. Its versatility gives us countless options with things like color, shape, and texture. Over the years decorative concrete has made huge strides in keeping pace with more expensive material such as natural stone. In fact, our stamped concrete service can even replicate nearly all types of natural stone to where an untrained eye would never know the difference.

Years in the masonry business have afforded us with a powerful grasp in myriad techniques of the trade. We build driveways, patios, pool decks, and just about any other thing concrete can do (which is a lot).

The professionals who do the work are also more than happy to make suggestions on how to improve an existing idea should a client’s muse need a little extra boost. We never forget that it’s our job to give customers the best concrete construction for their landscape.

Walnut Creek Natural Stone Masonry

Despite the many capabilities of concrete, we suppose it will always be difficult to top natural stone. Our clients have felt the same way. That’s all fine and good because we love working with this material. It seems to hearken owners back to ancient times when stonework was revered as fine art. Marble floors look amazing. Granite countertops are an excellent kitchen feature. Travertine walkways are virtually invulnerable. All of these things plus many more are available to you through Walnut Creek Concrete Pros. 

Walnut Creek Brick Masonry

Of course, no Walnut Creek, California contractor would be worth his salt without professional brickwork service.

Our team builds walls, fireplaces, pool coping, sidewalks, and a whole long list more of brick features. We’ll give you clean, stylish work in stairs or driveway edging while offering rugged, rustic work for walls. Or flip the two, or go with just one, or both. As we said:  professional service.

That’s the creed at Walnut Creek Concrete Pros. But don’t take our word for it. Give us a call today at (925) 444-7467 and let us prove our skills with the excellent work we do.