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For a lot of people, finding a great masonry or concrete contractor is always not easy. There are many companies out there, and most of them don’t offer half of what they promise. Some companies might be good at their work, but they are not versatile enough to offer you all the services you need. 

If you are in Clayton and you are looking for a masonry/concrete contractor that can do just about anything, this is the place to be. Our team can do as many concrete jobs as they can masonry jobs. Our services are always exceptional, and they come at very affordable rates.

Call us now on (925) 444-7467, and we will give you a free quote. 

About Walnut Creek Concrete Pros

We are a firm that offers the best masonry and concrete services in Clayton. We have helped hundreds of clients in and out of Clayton, and they all have great things to say about us. You can check out some of our previous projects on our website and read the reviews from our former customers. 


We can help you with a number of ways when it comes to creating driveways. Whichever material you want to use, we will help you with it. Whether you want to use bricks, stamped concrete, or stones, we will help you out. Our craftsmanship is incomparable to any other service provider in Clayton. 


We will make your patio exactly how you want it. Our team is made up of highly-trained, experienced, and professional contractors who will make you a beautiful and durable patio. We will work within the shortest time so that you can start using it as soon as possible. 

Pool Decks

Creating pool decks is not always a simple job, and it usually requires experienced and professional contractors. You can count on our company to make you a beautiful pool deck with whichever material you choose. We will work fast and still provide you with excellent services. 


Just like we work fast with patios, you can count on us to complete your walkways within no time. Whether you want to use pavers or concrete, we are here for you. We will also use whichever pattern you ask, and we can help you out with some ideas if you don’t mind. 

Masonry Services

We are here for you if you want to build a wall, barbecues, or stacked stone. We are as good with masonry services as we are with concrete work. 

Call us on (925) 444-7467 now and ask any questions.

We will provide you with answers and help you understand whatever you don’t.