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Give your home and surroundings classical concrete finishing styles that are trending in Walnut Creek and suburbs. Concrete finishing involves the placement, protection, repairing, and finishing of concrete construction and engineering projects. Walnut Creek Concrete Pros is a concrete contractor providing high-quality concrete services for commercial and residential apartments in northwestern California areas. 

We undertake repairs, resurfacing, and refinishing of concrete constructions. Our concrete finishers are reputable professionals with many years of experience in the industry. They are pragmatic in all areas of concrete works. Do not waste your hard-earned cash on mediocre workers. Consult us today to give you exclusive decorative concrete patterns and ideas you will like for your properties.

About Us

Walnut Creek Concrete Pros is one of the best concrete finishing contractors in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County, northwestern California of the United States of America. We have certified and experienced masons that can use high-quality materials and equipment to recreate your space. 

Our building technicians can use a concrete grinder such as an angle grinder that can reach the hidden surfaces of the building. With this tool, we can level all areas before resurfacing existing structures for a perfect concrete finishing. We can handle your concrete floors by painting, staining, and polishing, making everywhere to appear like tiles or other expensive materials.

If you are ready to live and enjoy your space, give us a call now, and you will never regret it. Dial (925) 444-7467 now.

Our Services

We are eager to maintain our reputation and pride as a first-class concrete finisher in Walnut Creek areas. If you are a new home builder, our technicians are poised to use concrete finishing tools to give your building a stylish look befitting your personality. We will use a concrete pumping machine to load liquid concrete onto the floor and allow it to dry. 

Then, our able masons will apply concrete grinding tools to level the surface and enhance a smooth finishing. We can use the concrete grinder to polish the concrete making your floor appear neat and beautiful.

Other concrete finishing services that we can offer you include:

Salt Concrete Finish

One of the ways to finish your concrete construction is by applying a salt concrete finish. After pumping liquid concrete onto the floor of your new building, our workers will dress the concrete work with rock salt or salt crystals that could be dissolved in water. We will use a roller to impress the crystals onto the fresh concrete. 

After a while, the salt will dissolve into the wet concrete leaving tiny holes on the surface. Our bricklayers will wash the surface with water to give you a perfect concrete finishing pattern.

Stamped Concrete or Textured Concrete Finish

Stamped or textured concrete is imprinted and designed like wood stamped concrete, stone, brick, flagstone, and slate. We can use concrete stamps with concrete overlays to resurface old floors. 

Broom Finish Concrete

Broom finish concrete work is one of our brick masonry projects. Our masons can give you a non-skid surface by using a broom with large bristles. We can also apply light broom to give you a good looking surface.

Exterior Stenciled Concrete Finish

Depending on your choice, we can use exterior stenciled concrete or decorative concrete as an alternative. It is cheaper than stamped concrete. 

Float and Trowel Concrete Finishes

We can make concrete patterns on your concrete constructions using float and trowel finishes. Expect to have rough or smooth patterns depending on the tool.

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