Walnut Creek Concrete Foundation

this image shows concrete foundation process in walnut creek

When it comes to concrete works, a foundation is vital in any structure. A foundation determines the success of any structure in terms of strength and durability. For your project to stand firm and last longer, it must have a strong foundation that can hold it even in the harshest weather conditions. If your Walnut Creek concrete project is to stand the test of time, it must be built by professionals.

Concrete foundations should not be constructed by a person who doesn’t have technical experience. This means you should avoid laying foundations on your own. Hiring an affordable concrete contractor is the best way of saving on construction costs. You will end up spending a lot if you construct a foundation on your own.

At Walnut Creek Concrete Pros, we build concrete foundations in Walnut Creek that will hold and support your structure for years without giving in. Foundations, just like most concrete works, require a professional with years of experience. This is the only way to ensure your project doesn’t fail. Our line (925) 444-7467 is open any time of the day, and you should talk to us.

Types of Concrete Foundations

There are many types of concrete foundations in the construction industry. We can construct any of these foundations for you, depending on the purpose. The three main types of foundations are frost-protected, T-shaped, and slab-on-grade. Talk to us today for affordable concrete services.

T-shaped Foundations

For structures in places where land freezes, a T-shaped foundation is the best option. It is constructed by placing a footing below the frost line and adding walls on top of it. To achieve sufficient support, the status is always made a bit wider than the wall. The T-shaped foundation is then placed and allowed to cure. We are the right concrete contractor to build your T-shaped foundation correctly. 

Slab-on-grade foundation

When constructing a slab-on-grade foundation, the aim is to form an integral footing. This is achieved by pouring more ready mix concrete on the edges to make them thicker. The edges are usually strengthened by reinforcing rods. To prevent cracking, a wire mesh is cast into the concrete.

The ready mix concrete should be correctly poured to form durable and thicker edges. An inexperienced contractor may lack the necessary skills to make this foundation secure. This type of foundation can also be used in place s where the ground does not freeze.

Frost Protected Foundation

A frost-protected foundation is only constructed for heated structures. Two rigid polystyrene sheets are used to build it. One of the layers is placed outside the foundation while the other is laid on the gravel at the base. The purpose of the layers is to provide insulation by holding heat from the structure that is in the ground under the footing. These sheets prevent heat loss and keep the temperature above the freezing point.

Let us handle your projects at Walnut Creek Concrete Pros and get the best concrete services in town. Pick up the phone and give us a call on (925) 444-7467 if you need a strong concrete foundation.