Walnut Creek Concrete Slab

this image shows concrete slab in walnut concrete

Slabs are necessary for almost all concrete structures. Only a few structures can be built without slabs. It is essential to know that for structures that require slabs, perfection is not an option. Slabs significantly contribute to the strength and durability of any structure. For that reason, they have to be healthy and durable themselves. A weak slab means the fabric won’t stand the test of time. You need a concrete contractor that can guarantee you perfect if you have a structure that requires a slab.

We are that concrete contractor you can trust to get you a big slab that will support and strengthen your structure. For years we have built durable slabs in Walnut Creek, and we can also get you a perfect one if you give us a call on (925) 444-7476. We have a good track record when it comes to offering concrete related services in Walnut Creek. You don’t have to worry when we are on your project because we always deliver what is expected.

The process of constructing a slab is not easy; that is why you shouldn’t try doing it yourself. Right from the ready mix concrete, expertise is needed in each step. Talk to us for any concrete work you are not sure you can do on your own. We will be there in the shortest time possible to help.

Types of Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs can be classified into two main types, namely; suspended and ground bearing slabs. Contact us today for a big and perfect slab in Walnut Creek.

Suspended Slab

This type of slab is not as common as a ground bearing slab in Walnut Creek. This is because it is quite expensive and technical to construct. A suspended slab cannot hold on its own hence needs reinforcement. The following designs can be used to reinforce suspended slabs.

Corrugated Slab Design

Corrugated steel trays are erected, and ready-mix concrete poured into them. When using this design, decking is necessary to prevent bending. Decking also ensures the slab doesn’t collapse under its weight.

Ribbed Slab Design

This design will only offer support in one direction, but it can offer enough resistance against soil movement. To add reinforcement, concrete beams are placed between the integrals and piers in a perpendicular direction

Waffle Slabs Design

Waffle slabs are designed to go deeper than any other slab. For extra reinforcement, recessed segments can be put below the slab. The good thing with this design is that it reinforces two dimensions. It is effective in resisting soil vibrations and movements. If you need help with a waffle slab or any other concrete work, reach us on (925) 444-7476.

Ground Bearing Slabs

Just like the name suggests, this type of slab usually rests on the ground. It is also called an on-ground slab. It is a multi-purpose slab as it can be used for both commercial and domestic buildings. It is a common option in Walnut Creek because it is cheaper to construct compared to the suspended one. This type of slab works well with sloppy landscapes and those with non-reactive soils.

To achieve even curing in a ground bearing slab, leveling is a must before pouring ready mix concrete. Although it is economical, a ground bearing slab requires professionalism and expertise. Hire us today for professional concrete slab services in Walnut Creek. Call (925) 444-7476 now.