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You love your home.

Maybe you’re a new homeowner, or maybe you’ve owned your palace for quite awhile. Either way, being there makes you happy. Does it have a patio? Awesome! Pool deck?

Even more awesome! Or maybe it doesn’t have these things but lately you’ve been thinking about new additions. They don’t have to be so grandiose as a pool or patio. Perhaps it’s just kitchen countertops you have in mind. Maybe a new flight of steps for the porch. A concrete retaining wall or brick fireplace. Dial (925) 444-7467 to get free quotes or fill out the contact form.

Whatever you have in mind, big or small, contacting the right contractor for the job can be an intimidating task. Central California is positively rife with beautiful architecture so being circumspect about your choice only makes sense. Whom you call needs to possess the skill, dedication, and a tireless passion for excellence in the craft. Whom you call needs to be Walnut Creek Concrete Pros.

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Contacting us provides you with all of the above plus a decorated history of top-tier construction. The unique location of Walnut Creek has made our team exceptionally familiar with the architectural style of not only smaller California communities, but big city ones as well. Places like San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose keep us on our toes for the big trends, whilst more cozy towns like Concord and Danville give us a good feed for more personal tastes.

Places We Serve

We’ve done work on homes and businesses that cover a wide range of styles including Colonial, Greek Revival, Georgian, and Spaniard. Our expert team of masons can replicate these styles in stone, brick, or concrete, or create aesthetically appealing contrasts, whichever the client requests. Speaking of client requests, many hold a deep appreciation of the undeveloped, open spaces around Walnut Creek. They have no wish to impede upon them; thus, the work they have done often carefully swerves away from the ostentatious to keep things practical and contained. This is perfectly understandable and you’ll find us more than willing to help.

Concrete Services in Walnut Creek

Some residents refer to Walnut Creek as the jewel of the east bay. This mainly because of the area’s reverence to the arts. A call to us brings one no shortage of the same. Love of a well-crafted piece is part of what comes with living here. We proclaim as much with the voice of our work on things like:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pool decks and pool coping
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Driveway edging

Just to name a few. Walnut Creek Concrete Pros harbors a great respect for the standards of its community, always striving to be recognized as the most dedicated, reliable contractor in the area. It’s no accident we’re always the first company home and business owners think of for excellent hardscape detail. Our service has been irreproachable, our quality sky-high, for a number of years.

Thank you for stopping by to consider the best in concrete contractors. It’s our pleasure to help, and our contribution to an environment we hold dear. Call us at (925) 444-7467.