Walnut Creek Flagstone Patio

this is an image of flagstone patio in walnut creek

There are several types of patios that you can go for, but only a few of these can help you achieve what you want. To make the right choice, you should know what to expect from any patio you go for. A flagstone patio is one of the widely used patios in Walnut Creek. This type of patio has many benefits than any severe property owner cannot overlook. Once you hire a professional patio contractor, this type of patio will satisfy your needs.

If you are looking for a right flagstone patio contractor in Walnut Creek, look no further. At Walnut Creek Concrete Pros, we will correctly install a flagstone patio for you. When installed perfectly, this type of patio is guaranteed to make your landscape appealing. Give us a call today on (925) 444-7476, and we will turn that dull home into an amazing one.

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Available Designs for Flagstone Patios

The best thing about stone masonry is that you can decide to work with the stone’s natural shape. You can also cut the stones into a regular shape, unlike for brick, where you have to work with regular-shaped bricks. With stone, you can customize your patio the way you want.

There are two design options available for stone patio; the irregular and regular pattern designs. Both designs need a masonry contractor with enough experience. Without a professional, none of these designs can be correctly installed.

Irregular Pattern Design

In this design, we use the stones as they are to achieve a casual natural look. This design gives an amazing natural appeal that will blend perfectly with almost any landscape. Our stonemason has all the experience you need, and he will provide you with a perfect irregular design flagstone patio. This type of design is suitable for homes, and it is a sure way of improving aesthetics.

Just like most stone masonry projects, flagstone patio installation is not a project to do on your own. It requires an experienced professional. So, don’t try doing it yourself as it won’t turn out entirely. Talk to us and let us do it for you at an affordable price.

Regular Pattern Design

We use the proper design option when a formal look is to be achieved. In this option, the stones are cut in regular shapes and laid in a consistent pattern. A proper design option, just like an irregular one, can transform your outdoors. 

For better results, avoid trying to do it on your own when it comes to flagstone patios. Just give us a call on (925) 444-7476, and we will help you make your home amazing. With our affordable prices, you should let us handle all your stone and concrete services.