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Masonry contractors work in one of the most important fields in the construction industry. They are one of the most in-demand professionals in their line of work. Why? We will come to that. 

Masonry work is not as easy as it might come across. Most of the time, each project offers new challenges that require steadfast commitment and innovation. On top of that, good masonry contractors need to possess excellent knowledge of everything related to the field of masonry. Since the field itself is so huge, one needs to be up for every kind of challenge. From paving needs walls to patios, everything requires a certain amount of masonry work. So below, we are gonna discuss this in detail.

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What are the Types of Masonry?

Masonry projects usually differ a lot from each other. Each of them requires unique steps and skills. But depending on the materials used, we can sort these projects into three categories. These are brick masonry, stone masonry, and concrete masonry.

Brick Masonry

Brick is an excellent option for all kinds of construction needs. And clients know that! Bricks are extremely strong; they are durable and long-lasting as well. On top of that, bricks have a unique color and texture that really set them apart. Bricks are heated during their manufacturing process, and they have incredible resistance to fire. That’s why we get to see so many diverse projects using brick as the primary material. But working with brick is not very easy. Bricklaying is a very complicated process, and add to the knowledge of bricks; one needs to have great expertise with mortar as well. Brick masonry includes all kinds of services, including brick pavers, brick fireplaces, chimneys, walkways, and brick patios.

Stone Masonry

Stone masonry is one of the most complicated masonries works you can find. It becomes particularly complicated when we realize that natural stones come with all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending on the region, they also vary in other features. That’s why having a deep knowledge of each stone, and their performance in different conditions is extremely important. Stones also need to be handled carefully since mishandling will lead to the development of cracks in them. For such an elegant material, you will need people with experience. Stone masonry includes services like stone pavers, stone fireplaces, stone backyard, stone patios, designing walls, poolside and stone walkways. 

Concrete Masonry

Now, we all know that concrete masonry is the most visible work in the market. And why wouldn’t they be? Concrete is extremely strong, durable, long-lasting, and they can be given the designs and colors of all kinds of stones, bricks, and other materials. But working with concrete is also critical because you wouldn’t want to risk a blunder in concrete work since they are supposed to be the fundamental structures in a project. Concrete masonry includes numerous projects like concrete leveling, concrete foundation, concrete resurfacing, concrete pouring, retaining walls, pool decks, stamped concrete, patios, countertops, and driveways.

Masonry Contractor: Why Hire Only Professionals?

As you might have realized so far, the life of a masonry contractor is hard. But if you actually want your masonry related project to turn out flawless, then there’s no better option other than hiring a good masonry contractor. There are numerous things, such as the project scale, location, the material used, and the project’s function that needs to be addressed properly. On top of that, each and every single step has to be followed. Only in expert hands can you get your masonry work done efficiently. That’s why we at Walnut Creek Concrete Pros always provide you professionals who possess the required knowledge and expertise in all these stuff so that you can get your dream project without any hassle.

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