Walnut Creek Patio

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Great personalities like you always desire a unique outdoor space for entertaining your family and friends. We are willing to partner with you and create an added value to your home. Our bricklayers will construct a patio that befits your style and building, enabling you to enjoy a cozy and comfy atmosphere with your loved ones. 

Walnut Creek Concrete Pros are renowned in Walnut Creek, CA, and surrounding County as the best firm that can build a patio. This includes a patio with an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace for warming yourselves during chilly weather. If you want to enjoy barbecues and other delicacies within your home’s vicinities, consult us today. 

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About Us

Over the years, we have excelled in all areas of patio construction and home improvement services. Walnut Creek Concrete Pros have the tools and bricklayers that can give you a suitable cement patio with stamped concrete. If you desire to add a swimming pool to your patio, we can construct a stamped concrete pool deck that will withstand weather elements. 

As an experienced patio contractor in Walnut Creek and environs, we shall ensure that the pool deck is made with decorative concrete or colored concrete to promote your home’s value and aesthetics. 


Customer satisfaction is our watchword. We don’t outsource our projects since we have professionals that can handle them. Our services include

Outdoor Kitchen

After constructing your patio, we can add an outdoor kitchen for outdoor culinary experiences. Patios could serve as a rendezvous for you, your family, and friends. You can prepare meals while sunbathing on your patio. The kitchen could have either a stone fireplace, concrete fireplace, brick fireplace, or block fireplace for warmth during cold seasons. 

If you have enough space in your yard, we can add a swimming pool beside the patio for complete relaxation at any time of the day. The pool deck could be a stamped concrete pool deck. Our masons can coat the entire pool deck with a cool deck to beautify your space. 

With all these features, you can enjoy delicious meals, including barbecues, in your home’s comfort.

Stamped Patio

We build durable structures with high-quality materials. Our masons will construct your patios with stamped concrete or wood stamped concrete. These features will beautify your patio, making it to last long.

Concrete stamps use ready mix concrete from concrete bags. We could determine the level of concrete pumping for your patio using a concrete calculator. Depending on your choice, we may use concrete strips, concrete pavers, and concrete slabs for the floor. 

Stained Patio

If you want to enjoy your patio for over a hundred years, call us to construct a stained patio for you. We will use acid stains that can withstand weather elements instead of water-based formulas. Our technicians can also improve the look of your existing patio by acid staining it.

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Walnut Creek Concrete Pros are willing to smile on your cheeks as long as you want your project to last. We will apply high-grade materials with proven technical capabilities to recreate your outdoor space. Call our customer service now if you’re going to have a popular patio. Dial (925) 444-7467 and get free estimates.