Walnut Creek Retaining Wall

this image shows retaining wall in walnut creek, california

We are Walnut Creek Concrete Pros with expertise in building various types of retaining walls. This is one of the easiest projects we can handle at an affordable price. 

Retaining walls are used for supporting or holding back the soil and preventing it from sliding away. Erosion, flooding, landslide, and other environmental factors could trigger a retaining wall around your home. Our company has all the necessary equipment that could be used to hold back the soil and build a concrete wall in such an area. 

Contact us today if you are a new home builder or an occupant/owner of a building with potential erosion and landslide threats. Our concrete installation team will visit the site and survey it. We can help you to reclaim your space by constructing the necessary retaining walls.

To know more about retaining wall in Walnut Creek, dial (925) 444-7467 today and get a free quote.

About Us

Walnut Creek Concrete Pros are skilled concrete contractors with profound experience in the industry. We are located at Walnut Creek in Contra Costa County, northwestern California in the United States. 

Our technicians are well-trained to handle various cases of masonry projects such as brick masonry, stone masonry, tuckpointing, stone veneer, and construction of garden boxes. With these services, we can construct retaining walls to beautify your new home or improve the look of an old building. 

Our Services

Walnut Creek Concrete Pros undertake jointed masonry including stone masonry and brick masonry. We shall offer you waterproof construction works using concrete and stone to build your retaining walls. We also specialize in repairs and maintenance of existing structures to give your home and properties a facelift. 

Concrete Construction Services

Our firm can handle various types of retaining wall projects using different concrete construction services. This includes concrete blocks, concrete walls, concrete installation, bricks, concrete pavers, and concrete bags with right concrete mix. Another method is using poured concrete in constructing your retaining walls. 

Stone Construction Services

These types of retaining walls are made by our stonemasons using stone veneers, dry stones, and boulders. 

Retaining Wall Repair Services

Retaining walls are prone to damages after many years of existence. However, the more durable types are dry stone retaining walls that were in use many years ago. Contact us today if your retaining walls are crumbling, and you want to repair or rebuild it. 

Other Construction Works

We can use other construction materials to make your retaining walls include timber and wood, limestone, gabion, and segmental retaining walls using pieces of concrete. 

Our Portfolio of Designs

We have in our portfolio various appealing retaining wall designs. If you choose anyone, we can use it to recreate your space and prevent erosions and floods from embarrassing your household. 

These designs include piling wall, cantilever wall, gravity wall, and anchored walls. 

Types of Retaining Walls

Different types of retaining walls include 

  1. Counter-fort retaining walls
  2. Block retaining walls.
  3. Gravity-poured concrete retaining wall.
  4. Cantilever retaining walls.
  5. Timber or wood retaining walls.
  6. Semi-gravity retaining wall.
  7. Dry stone and boulder retaining walls.

Get a Free Quote Now

Walnut Creek Concrete Pros are available with our state-of-the-art equipment to handle your retaining wall projects. Call us at (925) 444-7467 for a free quote now, and you will be glad you did.