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Do you desire to have a home with a concrete finish that can last a lifetime? If this is your wish for a home, Walnut Creek Concrete Pros are willing to deliver this service with the best materials available on the market in a budget-friendly way. Stained concrete is durable and a better option for new home builders willing to enjoy their houses for a long time. 

We have experienced bricklayers that can apply concrete stains on your concrete constructions using your favorite colors. Our building technicians will ensure the cement in the concrete mix blends properly with the acid stains to give you a perfect concrete stain. With a proper maintenance culture, these concrete works can last for more than a hundred years.

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About Us

Walnut Creek Concrete Pros has been handling various concrete services in Walnut Creek and environs for over ten years. Located in the East Bay area of the San Francisco Bay region, east of Oakland city, and it is a city in Contra Costa County, California, USA. 

We have numerous clients that have benefitted from our ingenious services as a concrete contractor. We undertake various concrete construction and engineering projects such as patio construction, driveways using concrete or cement, retaining walls, concrete finishing, concrete resurfacing, and concrete staining.

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Our Services

As a renowned concrete contractor in Walnut Creek, we handle concrete staining projects for new home builders as well as existing concrete structures. You may ask, “Can your company apply stained concrete on old and dirty floors?” The answer is ‘yes.’ We can enliven and beautify existing ugly concrete floors by staining them with any paint of your choice. 

You should understand that staining is not painting. Our technicians will ensure that a chemical reaction occurs between the cement in the concrete mix and acid stain leading to a change in color of your concrete floor. If we are using a ready mix concrete, our bricklayers will ensure that the concrete stain permeates the mixture to effect a new color that can last a lifetime. 

Areas with much foot traffic are prone to fading and scratching. We will apply a concrete sealant or wax on such places to protect them. This concrete sealing will enhance durability and facilitate proper maintenance.

Our professionals will thoroughly clean the surface with an organic degreaser. We will apply sandpaper to scuff or scrape the surface for better application and permeation of acid stains into the concrete floor. Our masons can use rollers, brushes, or mops to apply the stain.

Better equipment we can use for staining your concrete floors is an ordinary sprayer. We can use it to broadcast the stain around the area for wider and smoother surfaces. 

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