Walnut Creek Turf Installation

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Turf installation is the process of installing fake or faux grass to cover the outdoor space and indoor space. The outdoor space could be of your home, office, sports complex, stadium, or any other building. It is an easy, fast, and hassle-free alternative to natural grass. Where natural grass takes time to reach the required length, faux grass comes readymade in the desired height.

Moreover, there are many varieties to choose from, making it a popular choice of many. Artificial grass is commercially known by many names like synthetic grass, artificial turf, astroturf, synthetic lawn, etc.

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About Synthetic Grass for Turf Installation

Artificial grass was invented in the 1960s and, since then, has undergone many developments. The purpose was to use in the sports field, and the name to the artificial grass was given as Chem Grass, which is now popular as AstroTurf. It was mainly used for sports surfaces in the 1960s. It was a good option for sports that were originally played on the grass. Nowadays, synthetic grass is a popular choice for residential and commercial applications and suits well for indoor and outdoor applications.

Reasons to Use Synthetic Turf

Maintenance is the key factor that promotes the use of artificial turf for various applications. Faux grass does not require any trimming and irrigation, and it can stand up to heavy use like in sports events. 

Natural grass needs sunlight to survive; hence they cannot be used for domed, covered, and partially covered stadiums. Artificial turf is the best option as they do not need sunlight or watering. 

Periodic cleaning, like brushing away the dust, will keep it in good appearance. Unlike natural grass, they are not prone to pest infestation; hence you do not need to spray pesticides to ward off insects and pests. 

Synthetic turf installation has passed through generations since its inception presently, it is in the third generation systems today. 

Sports Application

It was first used for Baseball match back in 1966 and still being popularly used. The astroturf is used for football, hockey, Rugby, tennis courts, etc. 


Presently the use of synthetic grass has moved beyond the sports field to residential and commercial landscaping. Faux grass is a good option to cover smaller areas like a bedroom balcony or rooftop. People living in apartments find it convenient to adopt synthetic grass for their limited space. 

Artificial turf is widely used in airports for its benefits over natural grass. Synthetic grass does not support wildlife hence keeps the airport free from trespassing by animals. Artificial turf allows the runway lighting to be embedded with it for better visuals. 

Materials Used For Synthetic Turf

Silicon sand, granulated rubber, or crumb rubber are popular for infill materials. To prevent injuries from falling in the playground, shock-absorbing materials like polyethylene are used. Such shock pads are also installed on rooftops and other concrete surfaces to prevent water accumulation.

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